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About PantherNet

Welcome to the first phase of Florida Panther Net, a multidisciplinary interactive website on the Florida panther and its southwest Florida environment, designed for everyone interested in learning more about the state's official animal. It includes the latest information and activities on the natural history of the Florida panther, its habitat, threats to its survival, and history and conservation efforts.

The Florida panther is an umbrella species. It ranges throughout nearly 1 million hectares in southwest Florida, encompassing a number of distinct natural communities. Protection of the Florida panther protects hundreds of other species of plants and animals that share its range. Panther protection also means clean air, water, and open space for humans.

The Panther Handbook contains photos, video, audio, maps, graphs, and charts as well as text. Embedded in the handbook are short interactive activities as well as research questions, thought questions, ideas for class projects, and references.

The "Who Am I?" and the "Mysteries" are accompanied by separate teacher guides. Each guide includes grade level, overview, links to Sunshine State Standards, vocabulary, annotated references, and extensions. Also on the site are a cat capture slide show and a coloring activity.

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