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Report Florida Panther Sightings

 If you see a Florida panther and can collect evidence such as pictures of the animal or its tracks, please share the information with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).  The growing populaton of this endangered species, and its need to roam over large areas, means panthers are spreading beyond their well-documented south Florida range.  The FWC has evidence of panther sightings throughout Florida, and is getting increased reports from people lucky enough to have photographed a panther or its tracks. 

Florida panthers (Puma concolor coryi) are an Endangered Species.  Counting panthers is difficult because they are solitary, elusive and wide-ranging animals rarely observed in the wild. Reporting your observations can help FWC biologists address panther conservation needs by identifying the areas used by these large cats.  FWC is interested in photos of panthers or their tracks taken either by remote trail cameras or by a very lucky person! We are especially interested in such pictures north of the Caloosahatchee River, which runs from Lake Okeechobee to Ft. Myers.

You can tell us about your observation and upload photos by Reporting Panther Sightings via our online reporting tool.