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Panther births encouraging news for panther population


Florida panthers give birth year round but there's usually an uptick in activity in the spring time that keeps us busy.  Of course, the number of radiocollared females we're tracking determines how many dens and kittens we document and that number varies from year to year.  Overall though, reproduction is keeping pace with mortality so the population is holding steady.  Read the news release for more information on this year's activity to date.

FWC urges responsible behavior when living near panthers


Living near panther country requires us to secure our pets and livestock to keep them safe.  Vigilence is key!  I cannot stress this enough.  Just because you have been securing your animals at night and the "problem" has gone away doesn't mean you can return to leaving them out at night.  I compare it to wearing a seatbelt.  Just because you haven't been in an accident in months doesn't mean it's OK to stop wearing it.  It is something you must do every day to ensure your safety.  Likewise, pets and livestock must be secured nightly to enhance their safety.  For more on recent depredation activity read the news release.